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License Training Now is a leading provider of effective FINRA exam prep training courses. In particular, we deliver onsite and on-demand training events to support learners in their efforts to pass regulatory exams such as the Series 6, Series 7, Series 24, Series 27, Series 55, Series 79, Series 65, Series 82, the Series 63, 65, & 66 state exams.
Registration on the site is free. FINRA exam review courses are delivered live on the web, or may be delivered onsite at your business location by appointment.  Direct registration for web courses is available on the company’s website at 

To be effective, License Training Now’s carefully crafted study programs follow closely the regulations and products that are tested. Courses are up-to-date and the presentation is detailed but user friendly. To insure that students benefit from the training classes, we provide a free copy of the flash based presentation of the concepts covered by the instructor.

In addition, our experienced instructors are content experts in SEC and FINRA rules, and are well equipped to lead live classes of diverse students and answer questions on any topic.

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Currently, we are privileged to conduct training events at leading financial institutions in the US and Europe. Most recently, our company has lead classes onsite and on the web for employees at  Genworth Financial, Knight Trading, Tradition, Starwood Capital, Towerbrook Financial, Brevan Howard, Barclays, LPL Financial, Apollo Management, and several other financial institutions in New  York and around the world.
To sign up for a course, learners may click on the Courses tab seen at the top of the website’s menu. You may register for the site without purchasing anything,  and sign up for a course  with or without purchasing the book. Our tuition is among the lowest within the web based training industry. 
Unlike other training vendors, we accept all learners without regard to current employment with a brokerage firm. However, please keep in mind that we are do not administer the actual exam, and that you must be sponsored (employed) to sit for the exam by a FINRA member firm. 


Why choose License Training Now for your FINRA Series exam training?
  • You are in expert hands. For nearly two decades, our instructors have succeeded in helping students achieve passing grades in the Series 6, 7, 79, 55, 62, 63, 65, 66, 27, 82, 99, and Series 24 license exams. 
  • We know what is tested. Successful students have included hundreds of  representatives, sales managers, investment bankers, portfolio managers, compliance officers, and traders.
  • Taking a web course saves you  time and expense. Our customized web based training programs and free class guide encapsulate what you must know. 
  • Our Instructors are experienced FINRA exam experts and have conducted training programs in the US and at various locations in Europe and SA. The company’s instructors delivered professional onsite training programs in international venues including Santiago (Chile), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), and Zurich (Switzerland).
Why  does a web class with License Training Now increase the  likelihood of passing the exam the first time?
  • LTN’s training programs on the web  bring to life the most important financial products and regulations.
  • Web classes save you time and cost less than attending a class offered at a physical location.
  • Students have the ability to ask questions and increase their knowledge of the tested topics.

Please feel free to contact us at or


Registration Managers seeking high quality tutoring and/or classroom presentations for Series 24 and other principal exams please call us at 862-324-6092. 
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